is Live (plus some bonus concepts)

For the next few months, I will be going into high-gear on a few projects that are very quiet and secretive. Due to copyright and N.D.A restrictions, there will not be a lot of content to add to my blog. I will try to add any side sketches and illustrations I can muster, but there will be large gaps.

For now, enjoy some weapon concepts! Then head over to



31 Monsters Final Update

Here are the final 3 monsters from the 31 Monsters book project. The Indiegogo campaign has concluded (as of October 31st.) We hit more than 25% of the goal amount which will still allow for some copies of the book to be printed. All of the supportive people who pledged money to back the project are greatly appreciated and will be getting their prints, shirts, and books by the end of November.

This project helped me to explore an approach to digital painting that I had previously not attempted. I’m very proud of all of the creatures I made; even the ones that were extremely difficult due to lack of inspiration and energy for creative work. Even though I said I would make one monster each day, most of these were done (start to finish) in under 2 hours. This is another first for me as I work notoriously slow and tend to get hung up on details far too much. There is some evidence of that visible in the high-resolution versions which will look great when they are printed as posters.

The final art book will include blurbs and descriptions for certain monsters. This will give me a chance to explain my thinking and inspiration for each creature and give a little insight -hopefully- into my creative process.

Again, thank you to everyone who backed this project and I can’t wait to send these monsters to your homes. Haha!

31 Monsters update: Days 19 – 28

Here are 10 more monsters from the 31 Monsters book project. There’s only 48 hours left to claim some awesome perks!

For descriptions and more info, check them out on the DeviantArt page!

31 Monsters update: Days 11 through 18!

Here are 8 more monsters from the 31 Monsters book project. For descriptions and more info, check them out on the DeviantArt page!

31 Monsters – Days 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10!

Here’s another update from the 31 Monsters project. Five more monsters for you to enjoy and be creeped out by!